The Archie Movie

So, let me tell you a story . . .
Two musical legends – Brad Savage and Eric Swan, (whom we worked with to record the landmark album, Brad Savage & The Cockroaches), contacted me about co-writing and recording the soundtrack for a project called: The Archie Movie.  This was to tell the tale of America’s favorite son, Archie Andrews, and his exploits at Riverdale High.

After reading the script, (written by Swan), I jumped into writing and recording several songs, relevant to the storyline. Working with Brad, and Carl, we hammered out the music in no time.  All that was left was to record the epic.  This was done at Cabaret Studios, under Carl’s watchful eye.

all the songs are written about things that are only important to high school kids.  We felt that they were all timeless subjects that still plague our sophisticated, “digital natives”.

archie-pix-09 archie-pix-10 archie-pix-08 archie-pix-12 archie-pix-17 archie - 11 archie-pix-13 archie-pix-14 archie-pix-16archie-pix-02










With story and music in hand, all that was left was to pitch the idea to the right people.  Swan set up an meeting with Michael Eisner, (at that time CEO and Chairman of the board of Disney), and everything went well, as Eric explained just how the movie would focus on Archie, his pals and his never-ending dilemma of which gal he liked better; Betty or Veronica.

After quietly listening to the pitch, Mr. Eisner confidently explained that “No one would be interested in a story about a high school musical.”

And, that was that.

Interestingly enough, some time later, Disney released….






Hmmmmmmmm . . .