Formed in the fall of 1976, this super band featured Gary Burlack on keyboards, Jim Lee on drums.  Robert Balch on Bass.  Steve Puntuiere on guitar and young wonder kin, Adam Alan on Lead guitar.

Carl was away at college in those days, but would frequently come home for the weekends to sit in with the band.  And, when Gary moved on, Carl made the commitment to join the band full time.

Sanctuary played a variety of bowling alleys, halls, festivals, parties, shows and events.  Crowds came to dance, listen and praise.  We had a loyal following out in the Algonac area that lived for bands that played their favorites with a dueling guitar edge.

Playing a variety of classic rock and dance-symphonic rock power ballads, this band left an indelible mark on the stale, disco-saturated musical landscape that would reverberate for years to come.

Each night we played was an event that was not to be missed.  Even now, as we look back, we can take great pride in the musical legacy that was forged.  People that were lucky enough to hear the band in those days, still talk about it to this day.



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