The Boys


Back in college, I spent a lot of time hanging out in the small music practice rooms.  They were just big enough for a couple of people and an old piano to fit.  Listening to the sound of another room, I poked my head in on day to investigate.  The person I met, playing original music that afternoon was Steve Punturiere.  Steve and his Brablic high school chum, Jim Lee were looking for a bass player to fill in for Steve’s brother Vince who was leaving the band.

Joining the Emotion Ride band began a relationship that would last for more than thirty years.  The band that began that day soon evolved into Sanctuary with the addition of Jim’s cousin Adam.  When Adam moved on to his own power trio and Carl returned from college, we formed The Boys.

The Boys: Carl Zimmerman and guitar, keyboards and vocals.  James Lee on drums and vocals.  Steve Punturiere on guitars and vocals and Robert Balch on bass and vocals.

Gifted with four different original  voices; it was very obvious that when we combined our vocal talents, the blend was amazing.  Predicated on four-part harmony, The Boys played a dizzying array of classic rock, country, oldies and pop-dance music from the 50’s thru the 90’s

The Boys played many many cities and events in concert beginning in the eighties.  Eastpointe, Farmington, Warren and St. Clair Shores all featured concert-in-the-park music series’, as did state and county parks, which meant that The Boys would be performing.

We played lots of weddings, gatherings and events.  For the city of Mount Clemens we played the Bud Lite RiverSight & Sound Concert Series where we entertained on the waterfront for a crowd estimated at 23,000 people.  (of course SOME of them might have been there for the fireworks).  We had a great experience playing in The Boys.  We learned much about entertaining, and got very close as friends.  Only when families and other concerns moved us in other directions did we say good-bye forever to The Boys.


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