The 90’s


For more than five decades we have been making music in and around the incredible state of Michigan.  By now, there aren’t too many cities where we haven’t entertained in one way or another.  We have played high school dances and proms; fund-raisers, promotions, city concert-in-the-park events and every private get-together you can imagine.  And, for the most part . . . loved every one.  (and we’ve even been throw out of Canada!)

Recently, we have spent some time gathering the dates of each event over the years, to try to the best of our ability to archive the past shows.

Even though, our real first gig was played in the summer of 1972, we begin here with documentation that goes back to 1991.

Hopefully when we get the chance, we can fill in the previous years as well.  In the end, we would love to have each date recorded with pictures, music and memorabilia included!

As always, your thoughts and comments mean a great deal to us.  Why not check out one of the shows or events you remember, and send us your thoughts.  Just click on the link below on that page, and we will do the rest.

Hold your mouse over the PAST EVENTS link above, until the year you desire appears . . .