IMG_9480And THIS, is why we are here. The music. It is what we have shared through the years; and what through the art and archives of recording, we can share with YOU now.

We began recording original music in the spring of 1972, on a four channel tape recorder in Carl’s house. We would stay up all night, trying to perfect a few crude musical fanfares that we really had no idea how to record. Something that seems so simple now, was as complicated as splitting an atom at the time for us. However, we endured and what we actually DID record, laid the foundation for many other sessions we would have throughout our musical careers.


One thing to note about the early years . . . the equipment that we were forced to use was so primitive, it is really no wonder that hardly anything of actual worth can be gleaned from those archives beyond their value as simplistic demos. However, I believe that the original music, even in its rudimentary state, expresses the emotions and feelings that we had originally intended. It is also possible to get a real “feel” of the energy and passion that even now can be heard in those elementary chords and melodies.